Our job is to bring your dream to life, down to the smallest detail

You may already have an exact concept of your Italian wedding.

Or you may simply be in love with the idea of getting married in Italy, but need some guidance in choosing the area, venue and style that’s perfect for you.

Whatever the case, we’ll sit down with you and… listen, listen, listen. Then, once we have a thorough understanding of your vision, we’ll get to work on making it happen!

Before planning an event

The most important part of the wedding planner's job

It is our firm belief that getting to know you is the most important part of the wedding planner’s job. The art of listening closely (to your wishes and ideas) and communicating clearly (with you and everyone else involved) are the key to achieving fabulous results.

Throughout the initial stages, we use our excellent communication skills to:

  • Make sure that the scope and purpose of our support is crystal-clear
  • Address all the concerns you may have for such a demanding event
  • Skillfully negotiate profitable rates and conditions from vendors
A tailored wedding experience

As unique as you – as inimitable as your love

These days, buzzwords like bespoke, tailor-made, customized wedding seem to pop up everywhere.

But what does it really mean? In our case, it means putting our passion and creativity at your service, to make your entire Italian wedding experience a bit more special.

Do you want a pizzaiolo from Naples flipping fresh pizzas at your reception? Or perhaps have an Italian leather bag custom-made for you and your bridesmaids? Fancy leaving the ceremony in a white Ferrari, or in a 1960s iconic Riva motorboat? Or even flying away in a hot air balloon?

Whatever your dream is…


Location Scouting Tours

Finding the perfect wedding venue in Italy

Pictures are great, but sometimes you just have to see it…

That is why, for interested couples, we offer the possibility of organizing targeted venue-scouting tours to help you select the perfect wedding location. Once you have narrowed down your choice to a specific area or region of Italy, we will set up a brief (2-4 days) tour to personally visit any number of potential venues.


Spectacular wedding venues in Italy

From North to South, from the mountains to the beach, and from enchanted countrysides to bustling art cities, we have a profound knowledge of every Italian region, and can boast working relations with a huge number of potential venues. Our impressive portfolio of fabulous wedding locations includes:

Check the VenuesCheck the Venues
  • Fairy tale castles
  • Renaissance villas
  • Stately historic palaces
  • Chic ultramodern hotels
  • Rustic agriturismi
  • Picture-perfect country estates
  • Glamorous beach clubs
  • Trendy restaurants

A vast network of top-class professionals

Over the years, we’ve built an extensive network of trusted, high-quality wedding vendors and partners.

Planning a memorable wedding means that no detail can be overlooked, and this involves a host of different professionals, from the caterer to the photographer and from florists to designers.

For each vendor or service, we will offer you several different possibilities, so you’ll be sure to find the option best suited to your style, your tastes and your budget. Our partners include:

  • Photographers – videographers
  • Specialty chefs and bakers
  • Florists
  • Interior designers and architects
  • Artists and entertainers
  • DJs, musicians and bands
  • Tailors and fashion designers
  • Hair stylists and make-up artists
  • Personal shoppers and luxury concierge
  • Tour guides
  • Drivers and transportation services

We understand and coordinate your vision

Just like a symphony succeeds when there is perfect harmony between all the instruments, a fabulous wedding is the result of flawless coordination between many different people and elements.

Our job is to bring your dream to life down to the smallest detail: from defining a concept, to planning, all the way to putting it all together.

That’s what we’ve been doing, with outstanding results, for over 20 years and for hundreds of charming couples – as you can see in our Gallery.

And that is also what we’ll do for you, creating an unforgettable event that people simply won’t be able to stop talking about.

See a few examples of the “extra touches” we’ve delivered for our clients:

Adam & Jiulia

Jared & Alex

Marcel & Anna

George & Nicky

Hugh & Kim

Ken & Tracy

Lorenzo & Marie-Andree

Zach & Elisabeth

Eric & Deanna

Design your dream with us

The best way to realize a dream is taking the first step.
Start designing your ideal Destination Wedding in Italy with our awesome Dream Configurator.

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