The brief

This Australian couple told us they loved Italy for its beauty and its food.

“Great” – we thought – “this shouldn’t be a problem!” However, they said they wanted a very intimate and exclusive wedding: no big hotels or mainstream rental villas, but an authentic country house in Tuscany.

We knew we couldn’t rely on the usual process of booking a caterer and a villa, so we started making calls to friends and contacts… lots and lots of calls!

Finally, it turns out that a friend of a friend had just finished renovating her villa on the hills of Florence. It wasn’t even on the market yet, but it was more than ready to host a wedding.

So we hopped into the car and went to check it out. It was simply amazing: a perfect balance of elegance and Tuscan charm, with touches of exotic decor and a lush garden all around!

We instantly knew this was the place for Deanna & Eric’s wedding! But what about the food?

We needed something that could truly awe the palate, so we got a hold of the best chef in town – the same who’d prepared the Palazzo Vecchio dinner for President Clinton during his Florence visit.

The small group was treated to some amazing food, and the villa was transformed into an intimate, candle-lit abode full of flowers and charm, for the most romantic gourmet wedding ever!


Wedding in a countryside private house


Intimate & Gourmand



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