The brief

Olga & Andrej are a couple from Moscow who lived in London. They shared the passion for travel and exotic places and were passionate sea-lovers.

They decided to get married in Italy and were looking for a sea-side destination that would feel authentic but also elegant, a location that would feel special and out of the beaten path. Stylish sea-side hotels and venues abound in the Amalfi Coast, but Olga and Andrej wanted an undiscovered place that their guests, who were very seasoned travelers, would find absolutely unique and stunning. 

That’s how we thought of proposing the Hotel Capofaro, a boutique hotel in Salina, one of the Eolian islands off the coast of Sicily. We knew that choosing a pretty unexplored, small and far away island would make the planning even more challenging but we loved the idea of creating an event in such an unusual destination.

To make things more complex, we had to organize a Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony that meant to find a Russian priest and fly him over to this tiny island and a Catholic priest to agree on the use of a local church for the ceremony.

We worked unceasingly to make everything happen as the couple wished. Everything was a challenge: from the getting orchids for the table arrangements to actually helping the guests to reach the island, some of which had to be flown by helicopter when the sea was too rough for the ferries.  

But when everybody reached the island, they found a natural heaven waiting for them: an unspoiled island with a picturesque village, amazing restaurants, a stunning hotel and a list of fun activities that we had organized for them that went from wine-tasting to sailing off to a nearby island on a large gulet boat that would accommodate all of them.


One of the Eolian Islands off the coast of Sicily


Fancy Mediterranean



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