The brief

Angela and Derek had never visited Italy before they came with only their families for their wedding. 

What they had in mind was a family reunion with a wedding. They were looking to spend some precious time with their loved ones, visit art cities, but also relax by the water and have a very simple wedding in any locality that could offer a unique experience in an intimate setting.

We proposed a small boutique hotel on the Sorrento Coast, a venue we had never used before. The hotel, differently from more traditional hospitality structures of the area, was a modern and sleek venue that seemed perfect for our group. Immaculate white walls, huge French doors that led to immense balconies in a duo of white and blue, perfectly caught the essence of this small corner of the Sorrentina Peninsula.

We felt the simplicity of the unadorned and modern hotel should match the theme of the wedding, so we used only simple colors and almost no decorations as the bride demanded. 

The photos that we share with you demonstrate how easy it is to stay on the bare essentials when the beauty of your surroundings does the rest!


Relais Blu


Sea-side bare essentials



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