You might feel like you have no control

In most cases, getting married in Italy means being half a world away during much of your wedding preparations.

Of course, a good wedding planner will present you with numerous options for everything from the photographer to the caterers and from transportation to flowers and interior design.

She will also keep an open line of communication throughout the process, sharing ideas, updating you on any changes, and working to accommodate you should you change your mind about something along the way.

However, it simply won’t be possible for you to follow every aspect of the wedding preparation as you would at home.

So be prepared to delegate and don’t drive yourself crazy!

Logistics can be challenging

If you’re thinking about getting married in Italy, you probably understand that logistics will be more complicated than having the wedding in your back yard.

The good thing is that everyone loves a good excuse to take a trip to Italy!

And while, inevitably, some people won’t be able to make it, those who do will join you on the adventure of a lifetime: you will create a treasure chest of shared memories that will strengthen your bond and stay with you forever.

Of course, a wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings in Italy can help you with travel and arrangements, hotel reservations, transportation, and any visa requirements, smoothing out the entire logistics process for you and your guests, so that the whole experience is fun, exciting and stress-free for everyone.

Be prepared for cultural differences

Italy is a modern, open and inclusive country, which thrives on tourism and loves to welcome people of all sorts.

Still, it has its own distinct identity, customs and cultural norms.

So if you plan on getting married in Italy, understand that you will encounter some cultural differences.

Like what? Well, people might give you an odd look if you order a cappuccino in the afternoon.

And nobody will have any idea what “spaghetti and meatballs” is.

Even as far as the wedding itself, there may be some differences with what you’re used to.

Certain venues, for example, may only work with their own caterers.

It also may not be possible to recycle the wedding flowers as is common in North America.

That rural municipality you’ve fallen in love with may not allow fireworks, or loud techno music blasting deep into the wee hours.

Also, some churches have a fairly strict dress code (so tell to the girls to bring a shawl if they plan on sporting a revealing neckline).

And your Italian guests may be shocked if the bride shows up on time or if the groom isn’t carrying a little piece of iron in his pocket…

Of course, none of these details will get in the way of the magic.

In fact, they are part of what makes getting married in Italy a fascinating, authentic and special experience. It’s just good to understand these aspects beforehand, if you want to avoid frustration or unpleasant surprises.

There will be a language barrier

These days, most people who work with tourists or in the service sector know at least a tiny bit of English.

Nevertheless, you should be prepared to encounter language issues and difficult communication.

This can be especially frustrating while trying to manage reservations, coordinate wedding vendors and navigate the various bureaucratic steps involved with getting married in Italy.

That is why we recommend having someone on the ground that is perfectly fluent in both Italian and English, to smooth out any linguistic kinks and make sure you don’t find yourself in a busy town hall three hours before your wedding using the hand gestures you learned on The Sopranos

Italian bureaucracy isn’t so bad… it’s worse!

Getting married in Italy is a dream for many… but it can also be a nightmare!

The process will involve lots of paperwork, affidavits and witnesses, town halls, embassies and consulates, sworn translations and religious certifications.

In other words, a big ol’ pot full of headaches, all served with a hint of proverbial inefficiency and a dusting of Italian-style delays.

Even if you’re perfectly fluent in Italian, we strongly recommended you find someone experienced to do the “dirty work” for you.

Or you may just find yourself waiting for that one last document… at the altar!

Getting married in Italy

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