The brief

Adam and Julia looked forward having a beautiful outdoor wedding in June because they both came from Sweden where wedding ceremonies and receptions happen inside a building. They were both keen on Tuscany and particularly Florence being both art lovers and fond of architecture and historical buildings. For this reason, they initially aimed at venues that were in the city center where one can appreciate the magnificence of the Florentine artistic and historic scene…they wanted their guests to be able to enjoy museums and art exhibits as well as the savor the best Florentine food.

For them we were able to secure the rehearsal dinner in a stately noble palazzo with 360-degree views over the city in the very heart of Florence. We had our art designer draw a long, folded map with all the monuments one could see from the balconies of the palazzo and we organized for an art historian to be there, to tell stories and tales about each one of them. 

For the wedding ceremony they chose a magnificent Renaissance villa very near the city center with a splendid park filled with statues, ponds and grottos with unparalleled views of the city.


Villa Gamberaia


Plunged in history



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