The brief

Stacy and Bodan chose to get married in Italy because they lived in California while most of their families lived in Moscow, so it seemed like the perfect compromise between the two places. All they wanted was a sea-side venue. It had to be right on the water and needed to accommodate all their guests. They were open to suggestions for any location in Italy as long as we could meet their precise budget.

Working with a precise budget in mind is essential and helps shape the planning. Making the most of a wedding, regardless of its costs, is our standard, and it requires dedication and patience. We carefully helped set priorities, we urged them to use resources they had available and we committed to being as creative as possible, finding unconventional options for them.

With this in mind, we were able to find a location that has been rarely used for weddings: a castle belonging to a noble Sicilian family that stands right on a private beach in a beautiful, non-touristy coastal area of Sicily.

For this reason, we had to fly there a few times to make sure that everything would be perfectly in order for their stay and for the event.

It was definitely a challenge to handle the requests from a couple who lives in California, their Russian guests, and be the intermediaries with the Sicilian owners: we really felt we had to use our communication skills to the utmost extent. Needless to say, the event was very successful even if the weather turned to be unexpectedly adverse for Sicily.

The rain was not an obstacle because we were able to organize the ceremony and reception inside the historic halls of the castle. While the beach wedding they desired did not materialize, the couple was thrilled to have their wedding in an authentic 15th century castle that was completely set up for them.


Castle next to the Sea


Sicilian flair



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