The brief

Ify and Keane came from afar to fulfill their ultimate dream, which was to get married in the Eternal city, the holy Capital for firm Catholics like themselves. They chose to have their ceremony in the Basilica of Ara Coeli located at the summit of the Capitoline Hill, in the very heart of Rome. The church, with its majestic interiors and splendid Murano-glass chandeliers caught the eye of the couple immediately.

The walk up the stairs of the bridal party was strikingly colorful and magnetic, as all the guests were wearing traditional Nigerian garments, the nationality of both bride and groom. The bride chose the combination of orange and red for the wedding. This combination of colors, as well as the shapes of the headpieces worn by the ladies was a truly amazing feast for the eyes…even the intense Roman traffic stopped in front of such an unusual happening!

And we did not stop at that.

For the reception, the couple chose one of the most spectacular villas in Rome, with endless views over the roofs and monuments of the city.

“Nigerian weddings are full of color, and are vibrant and flashy,” the bride had told us when we were working on the wedding.

And certainly, we managed to deliver. If they wanted “rich” we delivered “opulent”….and it was such a feast.


villa Aurelia 


Rome with a soul



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