The brief

Valerio & Teresa are one of the very rare Italian couples that required a wedding planner but they had lived abroad for many years and felt they needed some extra assistance for the logistics and handling of their guests who came from all over the world. As a marine biologist Teresa is fond of the sea and of nature. Valerio, a teacher with a kick for music, was entirely set on a very simple, nature-oriented and personal affair.

This was very unconventional for an Italian couple so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for us to create an equally unconventional wedding. They loved a Boho-style wedding and we were thrilled! The venue we proposed is an echo-friendly small boutique hotel set on a strip of coast that is unknown to most tourists. Surrounded by vineyards, with only 6 bedrooms, the building is surrounded by vineyards and is set above a small cove with a wild sandy beach. They loved it.

We asked them to think of personal touches and we were really intrigued when we realized how wild their imagination could go: the wedding ceremony in a field with guests standing up, they wanted to paint a canvas together, go barefoot in the sand for a pic-nic style wedding dinner, and play their own music instruments and sing along with guests without hiring a band.

We were thrilled. Almost no couples, especially Italians, are so unconventional and willing to go so far beyond the traditional wedding scheme.

We used a lot of our props to convey the Boho-wedding style: a mix of rugs and gypsy textiles, seashells, crochet hanging patterns with lots of pampas grass and candle lanterns as decoration. The result was an incredibly relaxed wedding, unique and fun.

Teresa and Valerio were ecstatic for they would have never been able to execute their vision so perfectly well. “Truly -they said to us after he wedding- we were so reluctant to think that the wedding planner would have that much to our wedding. Nothing would have been the same without you!”.


Small Boutique Hotel next to a Sandy Beach


Mediterranean Boho- chic



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