The brief

As we brainstormed with this couple, one word kept popping up: “unconventional”. Specifically, they envisioned a wedding reception that looked like a village party, so we suggested this tiny, picture-perfect medieval hamlet nestled among the heavenly hills of Val d’Orcia, in the most beautiful part of south Tuscany.
The challenges began when we contacted catering services explaining what we had in mind: one long table set up in a very quaint – and very narrow – alley.

“Impossible! – they said – nobody will be able to move.” But we really wanted to make Nicky & George’s dream come true, so we weren’t going to give up.
Finally, after countless attempts, we found a caterer crazy enough to say “OK, let’s do it!”.
To this day, we have no idea how the waiters were able to serve dinner… but they did. With no spillage!
And the wedding was a total success: everybody had an amazing time, dancing the night away under the Tuscan stars.


Lucignanello Bandini


Village Party



The results


I honestly have no words to describe how happy I am with your and Stefania’s work. I knew you guys had good taste, but the result exceeded our wildest dreams. We are eternally grateful. Stefania was absolutely incredible. So responsive, so organized, so clear, kind and responsible. I have nothing remotely negative to say about the entire experience.

Bravo! Every guest said it was the best wedding they have EVER been to, and as you know in Greece we’re used to pretty wild and beautiful weddings.

Please ring us when you get to NY in October as it would be a pleasure to see you.
Thank you for making our special day so amazing.

George and Nicky

Nicky & GeorgeUnited States of America

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