Read these tips before organizing your wedding in Italy

Italian-based International Wedding Planners reveal everything you need to know for an unforgettable ceremony… in the Dolce Vita style!

Why you need a GuideWhy you need a Guide

Why do you need this guide before planning your wedding?

Although Italy is renowned worldwide for its natural and architectural beauties, it is also famous for its twisted bureaucracy. Without a proper understanding of how to proceed, you could easily get stuck in the intricacies of the system, lost under piles of seemingly useless documents and case files.

Latin culture appreciates personal connections. Without a good introduction, it will be difficult to negotiate privileged services form the vendors.

Lots of stars and celebrities choose Italy for their wedding, but not all of them go to the same place! Discover all of the country’s top wedding destinations, and find the one that’s perfect for you!

What's inside the ebookWhat's inside the ebook

What you are going to learn

Why getting married in Italy

See why global celebrities from David Bowie to Kim Kardashian chose our Country.


What are the legal requirements for getting married in Italy?


Learn everything about the various types of possible ceremonies: religious, civil and symbolic.


Discover all the most coveted wedding destinations in Italy, and choose your favorite!
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