The brief

Aimee and Paul came to us looking for some help to plan their wedding in Italy after they had spoken with dozens of other wedding planners: Aimee was determined to find someone who would be able to cope with her inability to delegate and had had trouble finding a planner who would listen to what she had in mind and enough patience to deal with her need to go into small details before choosing who would execute her dream.

Her initial request had been to get married with a Catholic ceremony in Lucca, her favorite place in Italy, her grandparents birth city.

That proved to be really difficult to deal with as the Archidiocese in Lucca does not allow Catholic ceremonies for non-residents. This was a pretty unsurmountable problem that we solved with our creativity.

We proposed a very beautiful villa in a grand estate on the hills around Lucca and we organized the Catholic ceremony in Pietrasanta, a truly beautiful town near the sea, about 20-minute drive from the villa.

Guests could not believe the spectacular XIII century cathedral located in the middle of the main square of this town famous for its marble quarries and the gorgeous white marble topped mountains behind it.


Villa in a Grand Estate on the hills of Lucca


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