The brief

Marie-Andree & Lorenzo are a lovely couple from Canada. Both are lawyers and come from families of lawyers.

They asked for a classic, elegant and refined wedding..  

We suggested one of the most famous wedding venues in Tuscany, which never fails to leave guests in awe: Castello di Vincigliata, a historic castle on the hills above Florence, which bride and groom fell in love with at first sight!

The bride wanted a pink theme for the decorations – and so far, nothing unusual – but she was absolutely adamant about her choice of Flowers: it had to be peonies!

Now, don’t get us wrong: we love peonies – they seemed like a perfect choice. But they have a very short flowering season, and are almost impossible to find out of season.
And sure enough, the wedding date was way out of peony season!

Sometimes, problems have pink petals… So now what? First, we followed our N. 1 rule: do not panic!

Then, we called our expert florist Anna Rosa and, after several long phone calls, she was able to work her magic: a supplier located literally halfway around the world delivered special shipment of pink and fuchsia peonies for the two long tables at the castle!

The results was a spectacular wedding with gorgeous flowers and stylish crystal candle-holders.


Wedding in a castle


Pink Peonies



The results

Good evening Stefania and Barbara,
We are finally back in Canada after an amazing honeymoon! My first thought was to write you to thank you from the BOTTOM of our hearts to have organized an absolutely stunning and perfect wedding for us!!! Honestly, it was 1000 times more beautiful than we had imagined..and our expectations were pretty high! The candles in the church were soo beautiful and gave the perfect atmosphere to our amazing ceremony. Father Scott did not disappoint and gave an incredible homely which did not go unnoticed. A lot of people came to us to tell us it was the most beautiful wedding ceremony they had ever seen.
And the reception – wow, wow and wow. It took my breath away when I entered the tent (honestly I did not even realize it was a tent while we were there…). The set up was absolutely incredible… Again, we received soon many compliments! Even my grandfather told me that all the flowers made him smile!
Also, the caterer was out of this world!! Everything was ABSOLUTELY delicious!
Honestly, there are no words to describe how grateful we are!!!
You guys were unbelievable so thank you!

Marie Andree & LorenzoCanada

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