Take a peek at how we made their dreams come true

They believed in us and we let their imagination run wild.
Every couple we meet asks us for something special and unique.
But everyone is different, just like every wedding is an unrepeatable event in its own right.
We listened to their wishes and helped them write the first page of their fairy tale.

Our success is measured in smiles: our clients’ satisfaction is our biggest achievement!
We handled every request, breakdown and crisis situation along the way, at times getting emotional ourselves.
But not to worry… no makeup was smudged in the process!




Different Venues


Years of Wedding Planning

Hannah & Sam

Rachel & Reed

Tiara & Nathan

Lena & Adam

Bianca & Charles

Antonia & Ryan

Ovue & Ade

Marcus & John

Jondavid & Caroline

Brittanie & Mattehew

Ify & Keane

Derek & Angela

Tyler & Allison

Valerio & Teresa

Navneet & Carolina

Bodan & Stacy

Stuart & Chloe

Jean-Vincent & Elena

Russel & Negar

Andrey & Olga

Paul & Aimee

Adam & Jiulia

Jared & Alex

Marcel & Anna

George & Nicky

Hugh & Kim

Ken & Tracy

Lorenzo & Marie-Andree

Zach & Elisabeth

Eric & Deanna