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When we think of a Greek wedding, our minds immediately go to the movie: “a Greek fat
wedding”. Well, Yannis and Isabella did not share anything of that. As a young and cool couple from Athens, they were very sensitive to style and fashion. They chose one of the most prestigious privately-owned villas around Florence for their 200+ wedding reception.

With them, we learned a lot of the Greek wedding traditions at the ceremony and wedding reception. The ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Florence following the beautiful Greek ceremony rituals.  At the reception soon found that Greeks love to DANCE.

We organized traditional Greek dances like Sirtaki and we loved to watch these very elegantly dressed guests hold hands and dance in circle, clapping hands and jumping at the rhythm of the relentless music.

The folklore reached its apex when a Greek dancers’ band showed up by surprise and guests threw money and coins at the newly-weds according to an old wedding tradition and jokingly pretended to be ready to smash dishes from the elegant table settings (which is apparently not done any longer!).

The party was very successful despite a big thunderstorm that literally passed over our heads between dinner time and the dance floor.

At the music of a famous DJ from the most famous Athens’ club, they danced the night away under the stars. The party ended when the police came to stop the music and it was already almost 5:00 a.m. and sun would be soon rising.


Villa Collazzi


A Florentine-Greek wedding



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