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Wedding venues in Tuscany

Tuscany is a land for lovers, and there are no better places to be married in Italy. Explore the wedding venues in Tuscany that we offer, and be transported to a magical land filled with the enticing aroma of Italian home cooking, the brilliant sunshine of the region and the visual delights that cities like Florence can provide.

Centuries ago, Tuscan cities like Florence gave birth to the Renaissance - with artists redefining how we see the world. Nowadays, anyone enjoying a wedding in Tuscany can exchange their vows in gorgeous Renaissance houses and palaces, with spacious courtyards, luxurious halls and huge gardens.

As a wedding venue, Tuscany has everything. Be married by the coast, in hill-top villages or in some of Italy's most beautiful cities. Enjoy meat and pasta dishes that are famous across the world, and come away with photographs and memories to treasure.

Our wedding venues in Tuscany include both urban and rural selections. There are stunning rural venues like Villa Luisa in the Chianti region of Tuscany, but you could also choose a wedding in a Tuscany vineyard. Or you can be married in a villa overlooking the city of Florence, allowing guests to tour the galleries and palaces after your sumptuous reception. There are also stately villas just outside the city, with beautiful eighteenth century furnishings and ample grounds, as well as sleeping space for all of your guests.

Tuscany offers many wonderful places to be married, and with our assistance, the experience of getting married in Tuscany is as simple as possible. Our expert staff will arrange transport for you and your guests, food and drink, music, and stunning interiors to delight all who attend. We will even help to arrange tours of the architecture and vineyards of Tuscany, cookery classes or truffle hunting excursions.

So explore our wedding venues in Tuscany and be married in the height of luxury.