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Wedding in Florence

From the waters of the River Arno gently flowing beneath the stunning architecture of the Ponte Vecchio, to the tranquil elegance of a Botticelli painting, Florence is possibly the greatest centre of human artistic achievement. This makes getting married in Florence the very height of romance.

Your guests will gather in a Renaissance palazzo - with its columns and balconies, gorgeous tapestries and paintings lining the walls. Nothing could be more memorable or special than a wedding in Florence, and with out help, every single detail can be organized to perfection.

We specialize in arranging Italian weddings where everything is exceptional. Using traditional Italian expertise, a wedding in Florence with us will include breath-taking floral arrangements, delicate paperwork, tastefully arranged entertainment and the finest food and drink the world can offer.

Imagine driving in luxury Italian cars through the timeless streets of Florence from the ceremony to a meticulously organized reception. Whether you seek a wedding in a Florence villa or a castle, our property experts can find superb venues that will meet your desires and leave every guest with memories to last their whole lives.

Florence has always been a centre for lovers of the beautiful and for lovers in general. Take your place in history with a stunning wedding in Florence, with everything arranged by our expert staff.