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It's not just the food, or the style, the art or the weather that makes Italy a spell-binding location to get married. Italy has a magical quality to it which makes every wedding memorable, and there are plenty of different venues in the country to host your special day.

You might try the south of the country, where the Amalfi Coast boasts many of the best destinations for a wedding in Italy. Fishing villages spilling down to beautiful bays and pure blue seas make the villas of the area some of the top Italian wedding spots.

Then there is Tuscany in the north-east of the country. With its delicious rustic cooking, the charms of Renaissance centres like Florence and Lucca, atmospheric hill-top villages and soothing hot thermal springs, Tuscany could be the best destination for a wedding in Italy.

In the far south, the island of Sicily has an energy and romance all of its own. Age old rural manors near Catania or Palermo are some of the best locations for a wedding in Italy. Enjoy dancing, colourful backdrops and the famed Sicilian cuisine in sumptuous surroundings. However, in the north of Italy, you can also find some of the best Italian wedding destination locations. There are gorgeous villas scattered around the stunning shoreline of Lake Como, and even palaces in the city of Venice.

With Italian wedding destinations, romance and quality are combined in an intoxicating combination.