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Italy Wedding Planner FAQs

1. Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

Chances are you have a full time job or school, family and social obligations in addition your upcoming nuptials.  If so, hiring a wedding planner can help you plan your special day. Weddings International can take care of the legal work for you. We can transform your vision into reality and negotiate the financial side on your behalf.

2.  Should I choose a local wedding or a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is not for everyone but it is certainly one of the most amazing experiences for the wedding group party. For a destination wedding in Italy, you should consider who will be able to make it.  If it’s really important for your grandparents or friends with small children to be there, ask them if they can make handle the travel. We can help you choose the most beautiful destinations in Italy that can be easily reached. We are very knowledgeable on the most attractive venues that are logistically interesting and feasible.
Moreover, if you decide to come to Italy for your wedding, you’ll have a wedding and honeymoon in one trip. Weddings International can help you arrange your destination wedding in Italy with quality local vendors to ensure your day is perfect.

3. Will our wedding in Italy be legal?

Weddings International will handle the paperwork and assist you in every single step of how to get married in Italy. For a legally binding wedding in Italy, you can choose among the following ceremony rites:

  • A Civil wedding in Italy
  • A Catholic wedding in Italy
  • A Jewish wedding (only Jewish Orthodox wedding) in Italy
  • A Protestant wedding (by selected pastors only) in Italy
  • Can I have an outdoor ceremony that is a valid and legal wedding?
    Weddings International is able to arrange a fully legal outdoor wedding ceremony all over Italy, in a private villa or castle, in a vineyard overlooking the Tuscan rolling hills or on a beach, overlooking the ocean.

  • Will the marriage certificate be valid in my own country?
    For every legal wedding that we organize, we will provide you with a marriage certificate that will be legalized with a valid international stamp called “Apostille”.

4. Will we get help with our accommodation in Italy?

eddings International has a portfolio of beautiful hand-picked villas that go from rustic farmhouses and private villas in Tuscany (Florence and Chianti, Lucca, Siena), a private palace In Venice and Rome, villas and hotels in Sardinia as well as in the Amalfi Coast where your friends and family can be pampered for a week’s stay. We will arrange cooking classes in the afternoon, or perhaps you would prefer to spend your afternoons around the pool, to relax with friends after your morning bicycle tour through the Tuscan countryside.

  • Who will assist us while we are there?
    Weddings international will make sure your stay is the most perfect experience in your lifetime. For this reason, we are proud to organize ancillary services and customized private tours for your wedding party. If you are interested in Italian food traditions, we have high profile cooking classes by master chefs in Florence and Tuscany. Interested in art? You can choose a guided tour in one of Florence’s famous art museums? Or a day trip to San Gimignano or Siena? There are so many places to choose from.
    (We will arrange for the two of you two to slip off to Sardinia for a more private honeymoon afterwards…..)
    I’m on a tight budget and don’t think I can afford a wedding planner.
    In reality, you will often save money by hiring Weddings International to help you plan the wedding. By having connections with various vendors, the savings can be passed on to you. A wedding planner can be worked into any budget, especially if the bride and groom are too busy to figure out the details. You are paying for peace of mind.

5. There are so many choices for vendors, how can I ensure I am hiring the right ones?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the ads in magazines and online.  The photographer with the largest ad budget isn’t necessarily the one with the best work.  It is helpful and time saving to hire Weddings International. We only work with vendors that we stake our reputation on all over Italy.  They have high quality work and top-notch customer service.  Additionally, you don’t have to spend a month finding the perfect florist.  We set up your appointments and you can decide within days.

6. I don’t like negotiating, but I want to get the best price. How do I know I’m getting a fair deal?

There are many emotions during the wedding planning process, haggling for a good deal can be hard when you are so invested.  Weddings International will negotiate on your behalf to lower your costs and help cut fees that are often “add-ons”. We look through all the contracts to find ways to save you money.  We know how quickly it can add up.

7.  I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find the right location for my wedding.  Are there any unlisted locations?

As professional wedding planners, Weddings International has access to the best locations all over Italy that are not advertised, private, or “members only.”  We can help you find the ideal place for your wedding day that will delight your guests since it’s someplace they have never visited before. We have a rich portfolio of venues in Tuscany, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, Veneto and in the Lake area.
Weddings International will make your wedding in Italy a success..


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